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BERSI 2.0 Strategy… Download it now for free

The strategy BERSI by a blogging trader Stephen from was one of the best strategies for binary trading in the Czech Republic in 2020. It was followed by BERSI 2.0, which this article is about. We’re giving it out completely for free. No need to sign up with any broker, no need to enter an email, just download it!

According to our experience, it’s better not to take all the trades. Just be careful and use common sense. It’s best only to take the arrows in the direction of the trend, not against it if you’re not 100% sure of a reversal.

How to set it up

Timeframe: M5 or M15
Template: BERSI 2.0 (Download here: ulož.to or here: edisk)

How does it work?

This strategy shows arrows but needs to be set up properly. There’s tons of videos recorded for this strategy, but only in czech language. If you want, you can try and looks at it below.

Underneath all the videos, there’s some more explanation on how and when to open trades.

BERSI 2.0 How to set up the MT4

BERSI 2.0 – A quick trade

BERSI 2.0 – Showing investments

Some BERSI 2.0 trades with CherryTrade

When to open trades

Opening a CALL trade:

  • The price has rebound from any of the IB (weekly/daily) lines
  • A green arrow shows up
  • Recommended: There’s an uptrend going on
  • The IB lines have to be set up according to the video above. IB From = Opening hour of the market. IB To: Opening hour of the market +1 or +2.

Opening a PUT trade:

  • The price has rebound from any of the IB (weekly/daily) lines
  • A green arrow shows up
  • Recommended: There’s an uptrend going on
  • The IB lines have to be set up according to the video above. IB From = Opening hour of the market. IB To: Opening hour of the market +1 or +2.

Screenshots of the strategy

Newer strategy: BERSI Scalp

A few weeks ago, there was a newer version of BERSI published. We’re talking about BERSI Scalp here. This never strategy should have a better percentage of winning trades, but also should be easier to understand – comes with a PDF instruction manual.

We can not share it here for free, but maybe in the future.

Comparsion of BERSI 2.0 and BERSI Scalp

Download the BERSI Scalp strategy

The first strategy BERSI was one of the best strategies at the time, that’s for sure. But this was 3 years ago. Shortly after this strategy, a new one, a better one had emerged. The BERSI 2.0, which we have just showed you here. For free.

BERSI Scalp – The results and the impressions of the traders

It has been almost three months since the publication of our latest strategy, BERSI Scalp. The strategy was during the three months downloaded by a huge number of new as well as highly experienced traders, who are following us since the publication of BERSI 2.0 and BERSI. (Available now for free)

I guess it is the right time to evaluate how the strategy works, whether it is profitable and so on.

So let’s do it!

Success: Super results for traders

Some traders (me included) achieve very good results with this strategy. But it is nothing to be surprised about. If one has a basic knowledge of technical analysis and is able to filter out signals which BERSI Scalp generates, there is no reason, why this strategy shouldn’t work.

Maybe that’s why I got emails like these (I hope nobody will go mad when they see their email here �� )

Trader 1:

Hello, I just wanted to ask about bersi scalp. Yesterday I had a day off so I had time to do some serious trading. I just added adx to control the strength of the signals and in the morning between 8am and 9am I got 9 of 10 trades correct. As you pointed out in the manual, the strength of the signal got weaker from 5 p.m. Is it possible to use higher tf, for example 5-15 minutes, for this strategy during the afternoon? Thank you

Trader 2:

Very good strategy, it already overcomes all possible strategies available. If you continue developing and improving it we are going to have something to be looking forward to.

One of many comments we got (translated from Czech)

Trader 3:

Hello Stephen. The BERSI Scalp strategy is perfect. I am learning a lot and sometimes I trade. My daily earnings come to 80 USD per day and I manage to follow it. Sometimes I am impatient and I would like to continue, but I am trying to hold back (your advice �� )

However, everything is not so rosy as it may seem. I frankly admit it, because I want to be 100% honest with all the traders and readers. So what went wrong with the strategy?

Strategy Fails:

A major setback, which we and other traders have discovered is that the strategy lags and sometimes does not work as it should. When we worked on the strategy with my programmers, we used the same Meta Trader 4. We didn’t realize that not everyone uses the same program. Somebody has a newer version and somebody a completely different one. Some traders have computers slower than us and so on.

All this contributed to the fact that the strategy slightly stuck (sometimes too much). Sometimes it was not possible to properly follow the strategy. I am also aware that the expiration time, which was mentioned in warnings, was not always correct.

Don’t worry!

Currently we are working on all weaknesses. As soon as everything is solved and the indicators will be reprogrammed, we are going to publish it here on the site. Of course all traders who already have the strategy will receive this update and my help for free.

Our plan for the future

As I said, in the following days I would like to focus on the correct functionality of the strategy BERSI Scalp on all computers. It was my fault that I did not check it before and I apologize for it. I believe that you forgive me and that you are going to try the updated version, which is going to be faster, working 100% and it is going to use the correct expiration times.

Another of my plans for the next few weeks is: record a few videos on how to properly deal with the strategy, when to let the arrows go untraded and when to execute the trades. I know that it’s very well explained in the user’s manual, but in my opinion, the video manual is always a little bit better.


More about the author J. Pro

Unlike Stephen (the other author) I have been thinking mainly about online business lately. I wasn’t very successfull with dropshipping on Amazon and other ways of making money online, and I’d only earn a few hundreds of dollars in years. But then binary options caught my attention with it’s simplicity. Now I’m glad it did because it really is worth it. More posts by this author

Successful Trading Pattern BERSI Scalp: Update!

Initially, there were some minor problems with our strategy BERSI Scalp. We mentioned that almost a month ago in the article “The results and the impressions of the traders“. I want to apologize for all the problems and I have good news for you:

All the problems have been resolved.

  • The strategy used to jam and slow down the computer. – With a help of my programmer, I solved everything. Now the strategy is much faster so there should not be any problems anymore.
  • The strategy would show incorrect expiration times. – The error was in the code responsible for choosing the most appropriate expiration time based on the current timeframe. I solved this error and now the strategy shows the recommended range of expiration times for trading.

The revised strategy is successful

I have sent the strategy to several traders, who had problems with the old version to make sure that the strategy is really fixed and functioning properly. The traders confirmed me that the strategy works and actually it is better than before. That’s cool, right? ��

I don’t know why, but at the beginning the new version did not work. But then it started to work and it is working even better then the previous version. I tried to open 6 graphs at the same time and all of them were working :-). This would have never functioned using the previous version. There, I could open max. 2 graphs and even with them I had problems. Great job. However sometimes when I want to change some settings, it takes a little while, but that are just details which don’t matter.

From 18:00 – 19:40, 18 arrows from 6 graphs appeared with the results below:

9 wins

7 trades, which I did not trade (the arrow was near a major support/resist lines), I think that all of them would have ended as loss

2 loss

I am going to test the strategy again this week and will give you feedback.

Thanks to all traders who participated in the testing of this strategy

You might think, that you would not be able to filter trades (just like the trader who sent me the above email did). That is not true! Thanks to the PDF manual, which is a part of the strategy, it will be very easy to filter bad arrows.

And what is included in the PDF manual? You can see that on the table of contents below

The table of contents of the PDF manual, which is a part of the strategy

My successful trades

As soon as I had the final version of the strategy ready, I didn’t hesitate too much and made a few trades. As you can see in the picture below, the results are more than satisfactory. ��

My very first two trades using the latest version of the strategy. You can download it here

How to trade using the strategy BERSI Scalp?

I recommend entering a trade only when an arrow appears. But be careful! The fact that an arrow appears doesn’t mean a 100% successful trade.

It is necessary to ‘filter’ the arrows. This means that using the rules described in this manual, you have to examine whether it is appropriate to enter the trade or not. For example, if the arrow is a few pips from the weekly line, I would not trade it. The same is when the price is near some important resistance or support line.

On the contrary, when the arrow appears in the direction of rebound from an important support line, I would open even two positions.

It is all about practice and identification with the strategy. Therefore, I recommend using it with the demo account first, for example with the free demo account from

– An excerpt from the PDF user manual, which is a part of the strategy.

Plans for the future

As I wrote in my last article, in the next days/weeks I would like to work on video tutorials for the strategy. It is something that a lot of you asked me for and I will be happy to fulfill that. I will simply record my trades and add some short comments. I hope it will help you.

Download the strategies BERSI

As you already know, the strategy BERSI Scalp is the latest version of the famous strategy saga BERSI. Its predecessors were BERSI and BERSI 2.0, available now to download for free without any obligations, without providing any e-mail address or anything else. So you can try what more or less you can get. J


More about the author Step

I’ve wanted to build a business of some kind and earn money since I was in middle school. I wasn’t very successful though until my senior year in highschool, when I finally started to think about doing online business. Nowadays I profitably trade binary options full-time and thus gladly share my experiences with you. More posts by this author

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can a video be made on the installation process, I can’t seem to get it

Hello, we are sorry the strategy is not available anymore.

Thank you for understanding.

greetings Sir….
are you saying its not functioning any more?? ( just want to understand.

Yes. The strategy is not working anymore and we are not updating it anymore. You need to use different trading patterns. I’m sorry about that.

Hello, I want to register iqoption with your affiliate link, can I get it free?

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Dear Atabak, unfortunately, we can not provide strategy to IQ Option users.

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